Medieval atmospheres: the cities of Giotto

Giotto and the birth of the intuitive perspective. Following the example of the frecoes painted by the great master in the basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi my students had to imagine a Medieval city and colour it with warm or cool colours recreating ancient Medieval atmospheres! The idea was Continue Reading

How to draw a stained-glass window

After studying the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic stained-glass windows in France, the task was trying to create a freehand drawing of a stained-glass window. To prepare the drawing, they had to follow some specific instructions, found in the art blog didatticarte Enjoy the Continue Reading

Exploring mixed colours!

In this lesson, through hands-on activities, we first discover that colour is a property of light. The students create, following the instructions of the teacher, their colour wheel, understanding how colours relate to each other and the meaning of primary, secondary, tertiary and complementary colours. The students memorize the terms Continue Reading