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Christmas is coming soon!

This year at school our Christmas tree is dedicated to art! Students have chosen their favourite artwork to decorate their Christmas baubles through the technique of decoupage. It could also be an original gift for Christmas.

How to decorate your Christmas baubles:

  • Step 1 – Open your plastic bauble
  • Step 2 – Choose your favourite pattern (on printed paper)
  • Step 3 – Cut the pattern into little squares with accuracy
  • Step 4 – Immerse every little piece of paper in a glass of water just for a few seconds
  • Step 5 – Attach the pieces creating the puzzle of your artwork on the surface of your bauble
  • Step 6 – Mix vinyl glue and water and put it on the back of your pattern to fix it
  • Step 7 – Using a sponge, colour the rest of the bauble with acrylics
  • Step 8 – Decorate your bauble with an elegant bow

Enjoy the creativity of my students!

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