Junior High School CLIL

The “Share ARt” section has been conceived to share the materials used during the lessons, because Art should be taught, learned but especially shared, to make the study of this beautiful discipline a real pleasure for the students. If we succed in it, our heritage, our history and culture could be loved and valued from the future generations, that will take care of it . This is my wish.

In this section you’ll find some ideas about CLIL lessons.

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How to draw a stained-glass window

How to draw a stained-glass window

After studying the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic stained-glass windows in France, the task was trying to create a freehand drawing of a stained-glass window. To prepare the drawing, they had to follow some specific instructions, found in the art blog didatticarte

Enjoy the results!


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